For history buffs, we return with our 77th Independence Day crossword

On the 77th anniversary of India’s Independence Day, we reintroduce our timeless crossword puzzle, centered around India’s struggle for freedom. Concealed within are 29 clues inspired by that pivotal era in history—some straightforward, others requiring a bit of head-scratching. Challenge your recall and deductive skills by taking on the puzzle below. Completing it in under 8 minutes is a commendable feat!

If you’re new to crossword solving, our top advice is to tackle the easy clues first. This approach aids in swiftly populating letters across the grid. Trust your instincts, as the simplest solutions are often the correct ones!

As a game that celebrates our rich diversity, you may encounter clues that present new and unfamiliar concepts. This deliberate choice aims to spotlight significant yet often overlooked moments from our historical narrative. Should you find yourself grappling with challenging words (such as the potential stumbling block of 1-Across), don’t hesitate to consult Google for trivia assistance and uncover the answers.